Autumn rate randomiser

Autumn Rate Randomiser II

the final incarnation of the autumn rate randomiser View this post on Instagram So..this is what an Autumn rate randomiser looks like! #spinesfilm #animated #shortfilm […] Read More

blanket dance

the dance

there is a mysterious dance behind semi-closed walls. Just for the initiated…

projection room

There is a place in the film where the hedgehog comes to a halt, unwilling? unable? hesitant? disinclined? to decide. There, options appear inside a […] Read More

Projection tests

here we are testing different camera settings to see which works better to capture projected images. Adjusting for a reasonable white balance proved to be […] Read More

Ducks and rocks

This part is made with collage in mind. The character, an extremely wise duck, is a cut-out made of paper parts coloured with felt-tips and […] Read More

At the door

For this part we are animating pretty much straight ahead with ink, coloured pencils and paper, hoping that the result would be free-flowing. As we […] Read More

Backgrounds I

Lately we have been busy working on some backgrounds. Usually we do first some rough designs on paper, scan them and test out if the […] Read More

spines film scooter

Rolling along

View this post on Instagram #spinesfilm rolling along #hedgehog #gif #scooter #ink #animation #shortfilm A post shared by Sois de Traca (@soisdetraca) on Nov 28, […] Read More


It’s official, the production of Spines has started!!