Autumn Rate Randomiser

I (Elisa) have been trying to log my dreams for several years. I keep a notebook by the bed and  push myself to write down dreams, or at least what I recall of them

I have reached a point that I am usually able to write things down without completely being awake, although sometimes I have tricked myself to believe that I am writing things down but it is just a dream…

Sometimes the next morning I cannot make any sense of what it is written. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud while trying to decipher it. Sometimes it sounds like a very clever concept that you are not able to fully grasp…

So, although probably more rationalized than the original dreams, the bits I find at the notebook are quite an insight into dream logic and a goldmine of peculiar details and mysterious plots.

And here is one of those real dream details that it is going to make it into the film: The autumn rate randomiser

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